Reclaim Our Absolute Rights Laguna Beach

Reclaim Our Absolute Rights Laguna Beach

Reclaim Our Absolute Rights Laguna BeachReclaim Our Absolute Rights Laguna BeachReclaim Our Absolute Rights Laguna Beach

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5g speaker Dana Tachover feb 25

Please join us for a evening of education about the facts, concerns, and solutions to the 5G crisis.

About Us

ROAR Laguna Beach

Hello, and Welcome to This website is a body of work brought together by hardworking citizens of the world, located in Laguna Beach, We TAKE ACTION in the fight to Reclaim Our Absolute Rights from anything that takes them or threatens to do so, and invite you to join us, one and ALL.

The actions we take are many, as the scope of this work is enormous in scale and a wide variety of seemingly unrelated issues will be covered. Each of these topics are large enough in scope that they could be considered separate studies unto themselves. Our goal is to weave together these issues and create a tapestry of actions we are taking to Reclaim Our Absolute Rights.

This involves fighting anything that threatens our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Absolute Rights are inalienable Rights that can neither be restricted or constrained in any condition. This is the internal monarchy over ones own self, body, and mind, or sovereignty. Absolute Rights exist as Natural Law. Absolute Rights exist equally for ALL.

In no way are we asking anyone to BELIEVE anything that is on this web site. As a matter of fact, the absolute worst thing that could happen is that you leave here believing anything you've read, without seeking to verify it through your own research and in your own experience. The whole purpose of this body of work is to encourage others to seek the knowledge that can lead them to a better understanding AND take necessary action to Reclaim Our Absolute Rights.

ROAR is an open source organization. Laguna Beach is the founding city. We welcome any city, state, national, or global group of people to start their own chapters using the name Reclaim Our Absolute Rights, to spread awareness and take action.

Get Involved & Take ACTION!

How can you TAKE ACTION? And how can our Work make a lasting positive change in the world?

-Get Involved: check out the issues we are fighting to Reclaim Our Absolute Rights and plug in or donate to one or all of our campaigns where you feel called to Action

-Lead by example: be personally accountable for any wrong-doings, choose to align your actions with Natural Law, and hold others accountable for their wrong-doings

-Be a Teacher of Natural Law: spread the knowledge in any format possible, be it a book, university, private school, free school, conference, workshop, or online as a blog or podcast

-Make sure your job/profession is aligned with Natural Law, upholding Absolute Rights, and can be considered “Right Livelihood”

-Infiltrate Government, Media, and Organizations: re-populate those spheres with people who have knowledge of Natural Law and Reclaim Our Absolute Rights to make lasting changes

-Create: through art or music mediums, create content that inspires others to make the necessary changes and learn Natural Law

-Teach Your Children: armed with the knowledge of Natural Law and our Absolute Rights, our children and grandchildren have the potential to change the world

-Numbers ARE required: we need over 51% of people to have this knowledge before ANY change can occur, share this with as many as you can, and through generations the world will be more enlightened, and properly programmed to know our Absolute Rights and live in accordance with Natural Law.

get up, stand up for your rights

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